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The Next Steps

At this point, you've hopefully gotten your students imported into Ututti. Now we need to figure out which features you want to try in order to get the most out of the application.

Do you have a large inventory?
You can import inventory items into Ututti the same way you import students. Just click the Inventory tab, choose the category you want to import to, then click the "Import Items" button on the top right to get started.

Do you want to create your own inventory categories?
Easy! Just click the Inventory tab and click "Add Category" on the top right. Fill out the name and the fields you want to save. You can even import items into these custom categories.

Need to manage fees and payments?
Click the Finances tab, then choose Fees from the options that appear underneath it. To add a new Fee, click the "Add Fee" button on the top right. Once you save the fee, click the dollar sign icon under the "Apply" column to select the students you want to apply this fee to. Payments can then be entered by clicking the coin stack icon under the "Pay" column.

Do you allow students to maintain credit on their accounts in order to pay for fees?
Many organizations allow students to participate in fundraisers and other activities in order to gain "credit" toward their fees and dues. To create fundraisers, click the Finances tab, then choose Fundraisers from the options that appear underneath it. Click the "Add Fundraiser" button and answer the questions that follow to set up your Fundraiser. To add credit to a student that is not related to a fundraiser, go to the student's personal account, click their Finances tab, then click the "Add Transaction" button. Select "Miscellaneous Credit", then enter the details of the credit and click "Save". You can use student account credit to pay for fees in the same way you add physical payments (discussed in the previous paragraph).

Will you maintain attendance records in Ututti?
If so, you'll need to begin by adding events to your Ututti calendar. Click the Calendar tab, then click the green "Add Event" button on the top right. If you have groups created, you can select which groups are required to be in attendance (if any). You can view all events with required attendance by clicking the Attendance tab. Click a specific event from this page to manage attendance.

Do you plan on using the Gradebook feature?
To start using the Gradebook feature, click the Gradebook tab, then click the Gradebook Setup button on the top right. From here you can setup your grading scale, grade category weights, and grading periods. You should setup all of these before adding any assignments! Once you're ready to add assignments, click the Add Assignment button.

Would you like to allow other people access to certain parts of your Ututti account?
You can add Assistant Accounts by clicking the Setup icon (looks like a wrench) at the top right of the screen when you're logged in. On the right side, choose Assistant Accounts. From here, you can add new accounts, set their passwords, and choose which areas of Ututti you want them to have access to.

Other questions not covered here?
E-mail us at with any questions or feedback. We'll be glad to help you get set up!