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Student Basics

Ututti makes student management a breeze. The system is fairly self-explanatory, but there are some important points to make before you get started.


Groups are one of the most important building blocks in Ututti. Not only do they allow you to organize your students, but they are integral to several of Ututti's other systems. For example, when you want to track student attendance at a scheduled event, you will use Groups to tell Ututti who is required to be in attendance. Likewise, when assigning fees it's much easier to assign by group than choose each student individually (although you have that option if necessary).

When you're logged in, you can add groups manually by clicking the Students button on the left side, then choosing the Groups button that appears below it. You also have the option of importing your students from a spreadsheet and having Ututti automatically create your groups (discussed in the next section).

You can create however many groups you want, and there's no limit on how many groups a student can be in.

The Student List

We're assuming you don't have any students in Ututti yet, but once you do your Students page will show you a list of students. Clicking a student will bring up their personal account which has tabs for their personal info, parent contact info, assigned inventory, financial account, attendance records, grades, and a settings page.

Notice the section near the bottom which displays the groups that this student is assigned to. You can edit any of this information as needed.

Now that you have a basic idea of what you'll be looking at, let's get your students into Ututti! Continue the guide »